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Really Cool Application Dispatcher Demos

This page includes demonstration applications and samples produced using the Application Dispatcher. Some of the demos include tips about how we produced these samples. Others are actually included in the Dispatcher software download packages and the source code is provided! To view the demos, you need a browser capable of displaying tables.

Demo Description
Xplore Wow! This demo provides you with an Explorer style navigational tool for viewing SAS Libraries and their contents. It includes drill-down features on proc summary data sets, optional graphics charts, download data as a spreadsheet capability, and output created with the HTML Formatting tools. The best part is that you can have a copy of this demo with the source code if you download and install the Application Dispatcher.

Hello World
Tabulate Procedure
Display a Data Set
Display a Data Set with Where Clause
Output Delivery System #1
Output Delivery System #2
Output Delivery System #3
GIF Animation
Frequency #1 Procedure
Frequency #2 Procedure (htmSQL)
Output Formatter
Display Macro Variables

htmSQL Samples
These demos are packaged as sample applications with the Application Dispatcher. They are discussed in the Dispatcher documentation in detail. The source code for each one is included with the software download package and they are designed to simple examples useful for teaching how to write Dispatcher programs.

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