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NORMS Census Database

Graphical depiction of the NORMS logo The Census Database query will generate tables, charts, and maps of United States Census population estimates which are used by NORMS for calculating death rates in the National Database query. The population estimates used by NORMS are missing for counties or county-equivalents that were annexed to another county or that were not yet in existence, or if mortality data were not available. See Split, Merged, or Renamed Counties and County Equivalents for details.

Charts and most Tables of population estimates will include the data for each selected year, however, Maps and county-level Tables will include data only for the single year selected in the "Starting Year". Maps of individual states will automatically default to county outlines. County-level charts are precluded.

A field with an asterisk (*) before it is a required field. All other fields are preselected with a default option. If any of the default options are changed, all will be reset by the "Reset Query Options" button at the bottom of the query form.

Census Database Fields

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